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Our team are endlessly on the look out for the latest Virtual Assistant Resources and when we find them, we share them.  We want you to have the most relevant and accurate information available.  Sharing the latest VA industry tips and tricks is a passion of ours.

The right tools for the job

Your time is precious; running your own Virtual Assistant company means that time is literally money. Don't waste it endlessly looking for the right tools for the trade. We're doing it for you.

Our team at assisted.by offer both administrative and technical support to end clients for the last 9 years. Along the way we've learned a thing or two, and now we share with you.

We also watch the market and keep on top of developments and tools that are relevant to both new and existing Virtual Assistants. To be kept up-to-date enter your email here and we'll let you know as soon as we do about the latest Virtual Assistant resources.

Virtual Assistant Life Magazine - setting client expectations

Open All Hours? Setting Client Expectations

Are you open all hours?  Have you set client expectations? I have a friend who runs networking events in the evenings. He has a lovely...
Virtual Assistant Life Magazine - MailChimp Subscriber Popup

MailChimp Subscriber Popup

How to help build your email list with MailChimp Subscriber Popup. We've been looking at list building, specifically subscribers to our online Virtual Assistant magazine; VA...
Virtual Assistant Life Magazine - UK Virtual Assistant National Survey

UK Virtual Assistant National Survey v7

The latest UK VA survey launched this week - this contains all the data you need to write a new business plan or expand...
Virtual Assistant Life Magazine - 13 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

13 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

WordPress is a great platform. Having said that without proper care and attention it can become quite slow. If you don’t take the right precautions,...
Virtual Assistant Directory - The Little Black Book of VAs

The Little Black Book of Virtual Assistants

I'm a VA and I'm looking for a Virtual Assistant who specialises in _______ to work with me on this latest project. A very similar...
Virtual Assistant Life Magazine - smarter networking without business cards

Smarter Networking Without Business Cards

So you walk into the room, within the first five minutes you've collected half a dozen business cards already, and they all came with...
Virtual Assistant Life Magazine - love your content marketing and maintain your motivation

The 60 Second Content Marketing Quiz

So what’s this ‘content marketing’ buzz anyway? How do you rank in the Content Marketing world?Are you a Newbie, a Rookie, maybe a Ninja...
my VA company

my VA company Officially Launched

It's happened... my VA company officially launched! Providing tools and services to help new and existing Virtual Assistants; launch, manage and maintain their company.  At the recent...
my VA company - Virtual Assistant phone on iPhone

VA Phone to Launch May 11 at Office* 2016

Many of us in the past, at one time or another have handed out our own personal number when starting up a business, because...
my VA company homescreen on macbook

Driving Traffic to your Virtual Assistant Website

Like anything new, getting the word out about your new company takes time.  Fortunately with the way technology and the internet have evolved we...
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